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How to Combat Algae Growth on Your Deck

How to Combat Algae Growth on Your Deck

Outdoor decks can be perfect for gatherings, barbecues, or enjoying a sunny day. However, they can quickly become a safety hazard and an eyesore when algae take over.

Algae: An Unwanted Guest

Algae growth commonly occurs on outdoor decks due to sunlight, moisture, and organic material. Rainwater, humidity, or even your sprinkler system can provide the moisture algae needs to thrive. And the result? A deck that's not only dirty-looking but also dangerously slick.

The presence of algae can drastically affect the look of your outdoor space, turning what was once a welcoming area into a grimy, green mess. More importantly, the slick surface algae creates can be a potential danger, increasing the risk of slips and falls for you and your visitors.

DIY Solutions: Are They Enough?

To limit algae growth, there are various preventative measures you can take. One effective method is to regularly sweep and clean your deck, ensuring that any organic material is removed. This helps to ensure proper drainage and minimizes the chances of standing water, which can contribute to algae growth.

In addition, DIY solutions such as vinegar or bleach mixtures can be used to remove algae to some extent. However, it's important to note that these methods may require a significant amount of effort and elbow grease.

It's worth mentioning that these solutions may not fully address the problem, especially if the algae growth is extensive or if the deck material is porous. In such cases, the algae may have taken root below the surface, requiring additional measures to eliminate it effectively.

It's Time to Reclaim Your Outdoor Space

If DIY solutions aren't enough, it's time for more robust methods. Power and soft washing are two methods to efficiently remove built-up dirt, grime, and debris from outdoor surfaces. Both techniques involve using pressurized water to loosen and eliminate stubborn substances.

However, the reality is that not everyone has the time, tools, or expertise to handle these demanding outdoor cleaning tasks themselves. It's one thing to spray down a dirty patio with a garden hose, but it's another to tackle stubborn grime, algae, and years of weathering that can make your deck look old and worn.

With a dedicated team of professionals, Rhode Island Pressure Shark LLC takes the stress out of maintaining your outdoor spaces. Our power washing services are designed to eliminate algae growth and restore your deck to its original appearance. Our professional deck washing service can remove algae from your deck material's surface and pores, ensuring a thorough clean that DIY solutions just can't match.

With Rhode Island Pressure Shark LLC, you don't have to trade off your weekend battling algae. Call (833)PRSHARK to schedule a deck washing, and let us turn your algae problem into a thing of the past!

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